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15 December 2015 @ 09:19 am

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26 April 2015 @ 10:09 pm
I just realised I didn't update my lj for such a long time 😑😑😑😑😑
I guess real life come and get me too fast and since lj is not too handy on smartphone I forget all about it...
hmmmm sorry LJ, I'll try to update more frequent now.
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24 August 2012 @ 05:05 pm
Actually before I start fangirling over how HOT and SEXY and AMAZING Jaejoong was on Dr. Jin, let me start by saying this drama is suck big time. This is trully the first korea drama which I wish the main character (Dr Jin and YoungRae) don't show up every time I watch the live streaming drama =__= Gezz Jaejoong, please kindly choose a better drama and stop putting us, your loyal fans, through such a misery again.

On the brighter note, the suck-main-lead let Kim Kyungktak shine as one of the most favorite character through out the drama. For me personally, not only because my bias play it, but also because he's the saddest character drama I have ever encounter. And Jaejoong deliver his role really really REALLY WELL >o< At first I really doubt it, the first 4 episode he was still a little bit awkward in his saeguk tone, and I think he still try to addapt on his character, but after that, BOOM he become such a good actor, really surprise me. The scene when he found out YongHwi is a traitor and when his father die always put me into tears (and I'm not the crybaby type), I'm really proud of him ^^

Kim Kyungtak fanmade video ^^Collapse )

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30 November 2011 @ 05:29 pm
I can't believe I miss this group of 3 man with their beautiful voices >_<
4Men is a 3 group member specialized in R&B, although it's count as an old group (debut in 1998) and has been regroup several times (when first debuted, it consist of 4 member, hence baring the name 4Men) the current member have a really beautiful voice and can sing live!! (unlike most of the kpop band I know).
I'm really thankful for Angel who introduced me to this group during our kpop karaoke session ^^"
Since I'm not a big fans of kpop, I guess it's normal for me to miss this particular group since compare to other kpop groups, their looks are average. Although they have a very good voice and song, if they're not handsome enough, I think it's hard to be well-known -__- (netizen never failed to amaze me...)
One thing I hate about kpop mainstream, look overlook talents. 
Oh well, I hope everyone who come across my journal can hear how good they are (not based on how they look like)

More video under the cutCollapse )
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15 October 2011 @ 08:28 pm

Finally my long waiting photobook arrive >o< thanks to my local post office who is suck and asking for a bribe, it's been delay for a week. The book is a little bit too expensive, especially since it is small... I thought it will be bigger, and not to mention the photo are really small T_T can't enjoy JJ to the fullest *sigh*

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Q: is ur ideal girl the same as before
Jae: As I've mentioned before, I like girls who have pretty hands and legs. And a cute behind! What type of shape? It's hard to explain... I wish my girl would be very charming. She'd cling to me when we're walking down the street... Someone that acts like a baby.

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20 September 2011 @ 09:35 pm
I never involved in fandom before, I'm the type of girl that hates drama and fanwar, and all the stuff that add complication in life which is already complicated and hard to deal with. 
If I like artist, I support them, not merely because of their look, but because they can sing, real talent. That's why I never into K-Pop because I don't think majority of them can sing or perform.
And another thing that I hate the most is rumor. We can think with our brain, that's for sure, but if someone who irresponsible and act by his/her own bias plus ego and spread false information, which one that you can trust then? Internet help in some ways, but also if use with false intention, it will hurt the people or the artist that we love
Regarding to JYJ, 2TVQ, or even 5TVXQ, it's really hard to decide which one is true and which one is just a stupid and false rumor to spread hate among fans. Please guys, be responsible with what you share on the internet, think of the concequences on something that you love and respect others for what they love too.

Even now C-Jes make official announcement about spreading false rumor on cyberspace, I hope if you can think, think carefully and be ready for the concequences.

C-JeS Announcement on Rumor-Creation
Posted on September 19, 2011 by jyj3

The Policy of the Management On the Defamation on Cyberspace


First, we thank you for the support and the interest on the first Korean-language album by JYJ.

It has been a year since JYJ has started anew with the worldwide album released all throughout the world. They are continuing their shining achievement as world stars—the musical achievement of the successful holding of a 10-coty world tour and activities as the global honorary ambassadors for a UN agency and for many governmental units and corporations.

We think it is the same for the fans of JYJ as well. Every time there is a performance there is a high-quality culture of viewing and day after day there are beautiful donations by the fans. The sound fan supports, rice donations, and interest for the products for which JYJ act as models makes the industry affiliates surprised. The satire advertisements on newspapers, bus, and subway stations that call for JYJ’s broadcast activities acted as impetus for the media to recognize the high quality of the JYJ fandom culture.

C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ and their management, always respect the fans and we deeply thank you.

However, nowadays among fan communities, there are those who call themselves “fans” and for the reason that they are “fans” the create rumors about members and make personal attacks. Until now we dealt with the incidents individually but today we give an official notice of stern warning from the management.

We will not recognize the people who have defamed any member of JYJ with the creation of baseless criticism and rumors to be “fans” and we will take legal measures with clear evidence.

We have secured multiple pieces of evidence, including those that we’ve warned individually and/or have inquired for investigations. If the posts are not deleted or if this kind of activity repeats itself after one week from this warning announcement is made, we will submit those evidence and inquire investigation to the Cyber Terror Response Center.

This is more than merely a distorted heart of a fan. It is a serious crime. We ask the fans to understand and respect this announcement.

The three members of JYJ are more than merely members belonging to a group. Further, we ask you to please look forward to the good music and great activities that will be brought under the name of JYJ.

Thank you.

Source: C-JeS
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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JYJ released the teaser for their new album 'In Heaven' on 6 Septermber 2011. I really love the song and the lyric is really heartbreaking, and the way they sing it is so good that you can feel the meaning behind the song even if you don't understand Korean. JYJ really the best singer that I have ever met, I'm glad I come to know them ^^

The full video will be release on 15 September 2011 and follow by 'Get Out' MV also from the same album on 16 September 2011 (still a rumour though, don't know about the exact date) I just hope and pray that all the Korea's broadcast company will open their eyes and heart and let out talented boys to perform on their stage. It still amaze me how they choose a sexy-leg-girl-group-with-plastic-face and immature-brat-boy-band-wanna-be who has no talent whatsoever over JYJ. God bless them cause I will love to throw a grenate to their office.

Enjoy the video!! (really2 love Junsu and Ji Hyo)
The full lyric and translation of 'In Heaven', composed by our own talented Kin Jaejoong:

In HeavenCollapse )
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30 August 2011 @ 09:46 pm
Today mark my 'enjoyment' of being a cinderella -__- not so proud about it unless by the end of the week there will be a prince charming by the name of Kim Jaejoong kidnap me from my so called home (delusional mode on)

So what makes me have the honor to become a cinderella for this week? Well, due to the Idul Fitri celebration in my country for Moslems, my house keeper went back to her home country to celebrate it for a week. Therefore being such a good daughter, instead of escape to South Korea to chase after my future hubby (KJJ), I decided to go home and help my moher to take care of our home (by the way, I live in other city for work so I look forward to go home since its vacation and I miss my mom cooking and my room with JJ poster in it).

Since my father is such a proud man, who can't even make a decent coffee for himself, me and my mom devided the house core between the two of us. Usually there's my sister around but since she's married a few months ago, she has her own house and husband to take care of.
But since the first day, I realized I am really bad in house core.... and I live alone for the last 6 years but sadly I still suck on house core.

List for future improvement to become a perfect cinderella (in order to marry Kim Jaejoong) for future improvment:
1. Try to wake up early.. Oh god, I think I fall in love with my pillow and bed now >_< there's no use to do the laundry if I wake up when the sun has reach its peak...
2. Practice on iron the shirt and blouse perfectly (prepare band aid and cool aid since I always burnt one or two fingers)
3. Improve my cooking skill, especially if I will have two mother in law and 8 sisters in law where one of them has a restaurant (not to mention that your future hubby actually can cook better than you)
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11 August 2011 @ 04:06 pm
Sometimes I really wonder if my fangirl level has been set up really high or extra sensitive or finally all the fanfiction has start to ruin my head that almost all my initial reaction after hearing and reading the translation of Jaejoong's self composed song it makes me immediately think YUNJAE in a bold, capital, red letter >____<
Is it me (with my delusional mind) or is it Jaejoong who's too expresive and honest about his feeling or Jaejoong who just love to tease his fans (both yunjae shipper or not since actually the songs are pretty general theme, love heartbreak yadda yadda yadda)
But as an old fans (can't say OT5 now since TV2XQ really dissapoint me right now seriously AVEX?? SM?? how much rubbish you will throw to Homin to sing???) and a Yunjae shipper, it's really hard to think in a neutral way, or a normal fangirl way who wish to marry Kim Jaejoong in the future (if I can't marry him, I hope he will be together forever happy with Yunho)

See it for your self:

Still in LoveCollapse )Still in LoveCollapse )Still in LoveCollapse )
From 'Their Room' album
Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )NineCollapse )
And the last one (not least I guess) is for the Protect the Boss OST 

I will Protect YouCollapse )I will Protect YouCollapse )I will Protect YouCollapse )All credits goes to JYJ3.net for the song translation


Like seriously??? Kim Jaejoong - shii please stop teasing my poor fans girl heart  >___<
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