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30 August 2011 @ 09:46 pm
Diary of a failed Cinderella (a.k.a me T^T)  
Today mark my 'enjoyment' of being a cinderella -__- not so proud about it unless by the end of the week there will be a prince charming by the name of Kim Jaejoong kidnap me from my so called home (delusional mode on)

So what makes me have the honor to become a cinderella for this week? Well, due to the Idul Fitri celebration in my country for Moslems, my house keeper went back to her home country to celebrate it for a week. Therefore being such a good daughter, instead of escape to South Korea to chase after my future hubby (KJJ), I decided to go home and help my moher to take care of our home (by the way, I live in other city for work so I look forward to go home since its vacation and I miss my mom cooking and my room with JJ poster in it).

Since my father is such a proud man, who can't even make a decent coffee for himself, me and my mom devided the house core between the two of us. Usually there's my sister around but since she's married a few months ago, she has her own house and husband to take care of.
But since the first day, I realized I am really bad in house core.... and I live alone for the last 6 years but sadly I still suck on house core.

List for future improvement to become a perfect cinderella (in order to marry Kim Jaejoong) for future improvment:
1. Try to wake up early.. Oh god, I think I fall in love with my pillow and bed now >_< there's no use to do the laundry if I wake up when the sun has reach its peak...
2. Practice on iron the shirt and blouse perfectly (prepare band aid and cool aid since I always burnt one or two fingers)
3. Improve my cooking skill, especially if I will have two mother in law and 8 sisters in law where one of them has a restaurant (not to mention that your future hubby actually can cook better than you)
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