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09 July 2011 @ 11:02 pm
 OMG I can't believe I miss this song by the super talented Yoshiki, the second man I would love to be my husband (the first one is Jaejoong~) and my first favorite band ever X-Japan
*die in happiness*

credit: as tagged in the video

The lyric is so deep~ I understand how yoshiki wants to reunite again after so long
Gosh, why all the band that I love end up being disband or inactive... :'(
From aucifer to DBSK, panick! at the disco to linkin park (thanks God the last two release an album this year)....
Sometimes it makes me feel why should I bother to even like them if they end up being seperated.. just being a regular fans so it will not hurt so much and easily replace.
But it's hard, especially if the one that you like is not only bless by androgyny handsome look, adorable personality and crazily talented like my future hubby Jaejoong and my first crush Yoshiki... 
I amazed how they can make me happy and smile in a second and crying mess in a minute.

Ahhh... The joy of being a fangirl~
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